June 17th, 2018


Muffins for Mites:

Join us on June 24th for a breakfast fundraiser to support LWML.


Ladies Aid 

Members are meeting Thursday at 1:30 to continue planning Muffins for Mites and Fall Fest.  Lois and Bonnie will serve Muffins. 


Name Tags

As everyone is aware we started something new this month  with one service on Sunday mornings.  This means that when you go to your favorite pew to sit someone might already be there!  We have been given a great opportunity to meet or get    re-acquainted with folks that come to worship on Sunday morning.  Please pick up and put on your name tag .  If you do not have one please let  the ushers know and a temporary one can be made.  If you’d like a permanent name tag made please contact the church office.


VBS Item Donations Needed

We are in need of clear water, pop or Gatorade bottles with the lids for a VBS craft. Please put them in the plastic bin in the hallway. Also look for the VBS donation board in the hallway for additional items needed for crafts and snacks. Items should be brought to the church by July 12. Thank you.


VBS Volunteers Needed

Planning for 2018 VBS Shipwrecked-Rescued by Jesus is underway.  We are still in need of volunteers to help lead and assist with our classes.  This can be counted as a service project for our young adults.  If interested please fill out an application located in the hallway or contact Nycol Durham at ndurham_14@yahoo.com Upcoming planning meetings are june 19th & july 10th at 6:30 PM. 


Food Pantry

Glory be to God!  Thank you for your recent donations to the Genoa Food Pantry.  Those items will be available to those in need this Monday, June 18.  The Genoa Food Pantry is now working with the Northern Illinois Food Bank to purchase food items at significant savings to the food pantry.  However, not all items needed are available for purchase from the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Because of this, the Genoa Food Pantry has requested some items from our church and other organizations to help stock their shelves with these needed items.  Please see the list of requested items near the shopping cart in the hallway


LCMS Stewardship

Mark 4:34 – “He did not speak to them without a parable, but privately to his own disciples he explained everything.” How blessed we are to be His disciples! The Lord has indeed explained            everything to us. He has told us all things plainly. Why then are we ever so foolish as to disobey His clear Word? Our fight against sin in the power of the Holy Spirit is truly a struggle. Therefore let us receive the Lord’s help in His Word and Sacraments – and let us fight the good fight of faith and grow up into His image         



Last Week’s Giving's

General Funds Needed:  $5,373

General funds given:  $2084

Online Giving's:   $3225

Total:    $5309


Missions                                                 $70

Comfort dog                                         $110 

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN                  $16

Building Fund                                        $125

ladies aid                                               $20

preschool                                             $50

houtz memorial                                    $940

timmermann memorial                         $200