October 15, 2017


Fall Fest

Ladies Aid is hosting a FALL FEST for families;  COME FOR a FREE FALL BUFFET beginning at Noon on Sunday, October 22nd in fellowship hall.  STAY FOR a PRESENTATION OF THE REFORMATION STORY by the members of the Puppet Ministry of Salem Lutheran Church in Sycamore.  A free will offering will be given to support this ministry is spreading the Gospel message with music and puppetry.


Fellowship Hour

Many thanks to Marian Nesler for hosting Fellowship hour. Your gracious service to this congregation is truly appreciated!  If you or your family would like to provide Fellowship hour treats—please sign up in the Fellowship hall.



Mark your calendars!  Trinity is hosting Trunk or Treat on Friday October 27th! We are looking for folks to come out and open their Trunks for our trick or treaters!  Decorate the Trunks in Halloween style (not too scary as we will have little ones).

Parking lot set up for trunks begins at 6 pm.

Trick or treating will begin at 6:30 pm – Parents- bring your kids in costume(of course!) and enjoy an evening of trick or treating. Games and other activities will be in the fellowship hall.

Young and Old- There will be a light supper for purchase of chili, hot dogs, fritos, hot chocolate and cider– Proceeds from supper will be given to Trinity Preschool.

There will be a sign up sheet in the hallway for trunks!  The more the merrier! Questions, please check with Cam Durham, Melissa Marberry or Nancy Bagsby.


Ladies Aid

LWML members will meet on Thursday at 1:30 to complete plans for Fall Fest.  Trudy and Sue will serve dessert.





Food Pantry

Glory to God!  Thank you for all your food donations to the Genoa food pantry.   For the month of October, we will again be gathering food donations.  If you can help, then please take a paper slip from the basket, located in the narthex, with a listed food item and return that item(s) to the grocery cart by October 15.   


Library Donations

The craft table is running low on supplies! We are needing glue & glue sticks, embellishments, markers (as ours are drying out), construction paper, etc. Any craft supplies would be dearly appreciated. We are also looking for puzzles with BIG pieces, as it is easier on the eyes to put together! You may leave any donations in the red box on the top shelf of the book return area. Thank you to all that can help out! It really puts a smile on my face to see the craft area, and the library being used more. God Bless! Tiffene Anderson



Are you a gardener?  Would you like to volunteer to plant flowers and trim bushes?  Denise Timmermann has been planting spring flowers for several years but because of some health problems is unable to do this any longer.  We really love all the beauty this has given our churchyard and give our sincerest appreciation to Denise for doing this.  She has shown the Lord’s work in so many ways to Trinity.   If anyone would like to take over this project, please call the office and leave your name with Amanda.  Thank you.


Fellowship Hour

Do you come to 10:30 service?  You can still serve Fellowship Hour.  We need other families or groups to serve Fellowship.  It seems that the same groups and families are serving and some members think that only 8:00 service members do this.  Please see the signup sheet in Fellowship Hall to see what you can do.    Thank you.  


Veteran’s Day

In honor of our Veteran's, please drop off or email (trinity@tlcgenoa.org)  a photo that can be used to the Church office no later than Tuesday November 7th.  If you do not have a photo, but know a veteran , please send us their name and military branch and current status.  Thanks!


Books for Sale

In The Impact Deacon Ridulph shows how God intervenes so that our lives can be defined by God’s grace rather than the world’s tragedies. It is now available in the hallway for $15. All proceeds will go to the Maria Ridulph Memorial Fund. This is a Charitable Endowment Fund which is giving children opportunities to come to a greater knowledge of Jesus.


Genoa Calendar Update

The city of Genoa is working on putting together a community wide calendar with the hopes that it will help organizations plan their events without conflicting with others who plan on hosting an event around the same time. So we are asking for your help! If you help plan or organize an event here at Trinity, please contact the Church office to check that your event is on OUR calendar, be it this year (2017) or the coming year. Once we have compiled a list of events, we will send it over to City Hall for them to add to their community calendar. Please contact the office by October 25th with your event information. Thank you!


Upcoming Celebration and Holiday services

Reformation Sunday - October 28th & 29th w/communion

All Saint’s Sunday - November 4th & 5th w/communion

Veteran’s Day - November 11th & 12th

Thanksgiving Eve - November 22nd 7:00 pm w/communion

Christmas Cantata - December 9th & 10th

Kid’s Christmas Program - December 16th no communion

Christmas Eve Services - 9:30 am, 5 & 7:00 pm w/communion

Christmas Day - 9:30 am w/communion

New Year’s Eve - 8 &10:30 am w/communion






Last Week’s Giving's

General Funds Needed:  $5,885

General Funds Given: $2,958

Online Giving's:       $1,080

Total:                      $4,038




Missions                           $37

Preschool                        $50

Comfort Dog                  $10

Ladies Aid                       $20

Hurricane Relief            $30